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Alcedo, M.B.A./T.M., Jose Villanueva: Competitive Edge: Practical Guide to Continuous Improvement and Tools for Quality: First Edition -

Amaral, Ana: Be My Friend -

Amburgey, David: Soaring with the Eagles -

Amiet, Don: John Colter: the Legend of the First Mountain Man -

Amina, Akili: African Heritage, American Experience -

Amodeo, Reine: Soul Words -

Andersen, Julie Donner: Parentally Insane: Insights from the Edge…of Midlife! -

Anderson, Frederick K.: The Leader Within: Keys to Unlocking Your Leadership Ability -

Anderson, Mark: Ma Ma, I'm Home -

Anderson, Walter Tariq: Pappy -

Anderson, Will: The Anomaly -

Andoscia, Michael: Stone is Not Forever -

Andrew, Martin: Nobody Said It Was Easy: A Rock-n-Roll Journey -

Angelo, Ralph L. Jr.: Help! They're all out to get me!: The motorcyclists guide to surviving the everyday world. -

Anglin, Will: On My Walk Home: A Journey in Faith -

Angoh, Bernice: Lemonade Street -

Anyah, Alexandra: Blossoming - |

Appel, Cynthianna: Country Boy, City Girl -

Applegate, Everett: The Eternal Conscience of a Doomed Man -

Arenfeld, R.A.: The Purpose of Life -

Arjune, Ronald: Dialogue in Verse and Function of Reason - and

Arkeketa, Patricia: 121 Insights into a Young Girl's Mind: The Assignment -

Arlene, M.A.: Glimpse Of a Miracle -

Armstrong, Cindy: Boudreaux and His Buddies -

Armstrong, Sandy: What Path Do I Take? -

Armstrong, Sean: Hey Shorty! Whatchagon' Do? -

Arnold, Connie: Beautiful Moments of Joy & Peace and Abiding Hope & Love -

Arnon, Vered Talor: Manifest Destiny and True Fairy Tales -

Arocho, Eros Lewis: Remy the Hunter: A Time to Prey -

Aron, Kimberly: A Deadly Game -

Arrington, R. Region: The Voyage of Billy Buckins -

Arthur, Michael: Sleep with the Lights On -

Arthur, Naomi R. Butler: Arising from the Insanity -

Ary, Brian Scott: Warning: College Unathorized and Study Abroad Unauthorized -

AryanaDrums of the Winged Carrier 2020 -

Asad, Megan Emily: The Jester of Corona -

Asbury, Terri: Josh's Book of ABC's Events at the Powwow -

Ashbury, Michael: An Interview with God -

Ashe, Elisabeth: The Jade Pendant and The Obsidian Stone and Returning Love -

Atkins, Fred: 200 Reasons Why You Might Want to Tell God Thank You! -

Atkins, Scott: Voyage of the Atair -

Atkinson, Seth: The Boss of the Mountain -

Atrott, Hans: Jesus' Bluff -

Aubrey, William: The Archuleta Conspiracy -

Auborn, Jodi: Stormwind of the North Country -

Austin, Adrienne: Nomaris: The Edge of Remembering -

Austin, Dr. Bill: Creating Our Safe Place: Articles on Healthy Relationships -

Avelli, Colleen: From the Well: A Collection of Poems and In Mother's Hands -

Averso, Alan: Made Again -

Avery, DJ: What's Wrong with Expression -

Avocato, Lori: The Prince's Bride and Mission Accomplished  -

Axeldotter, Maria: Influence: A Collection of Poetry -

Ayele, Robin: Broken -

Ayres, Andrew: Abuse and the Aftermath -

Ayers, John J.: Camden -

B., Denise: Wide Open -

B.E.M. Ph.D.: Call Me Madam President: A Narrative Outlining the Journey of Confronting Repressed Childhood Memories & Trauma -

Babin, Ginger: Me an' Hal -

Babineau-Johnson, Angela: Positive 4 Life2 -

Baburek, Alice: When Lightning Strikes Back, Corridors in Time, Echo of Lies, Timeless Barriers, My Life Filled with Many Tails, The Magic Ring -

Baca, Betty Jo: Poetry I Live By -

Bach, Sherry: Jekyll and Hide Me Not and Abundant Christmas -

Back, Joyce: When the Sickle Moon Gleams and The Blood-Red Star -

Backora, Patricia: Tough Love in Christ's Millennium: Book I: Soul Savage's Race Toward Divine Judgement -

Bacon, Melie: Sticks & Stonz: Selected Poems -

Bailey, Dawn Wentz: Joey and the Mighty Oak -

Bailey, Terry: The Pilate Plot -

Bain, Diana: Vengeance Settles the Score -

Baker, T. R.: Silverleaf Lodge -

Baker, Timothy Louis: An Experience Heaven Sent -

Balazy, Elizabeth M.: Prince to the Rescue -

Ball, Thomas De'Shawn: The Poetry & Your Mind -

Ball, Thomas De'Shawn: The Poetry & Your Mind -

Banks, Jeremy J.: Chasing Perfection: How to Create a Monster in the American South -

Banks, Jewelene: Satan in High Heels: Life Amongst Church Folks -

Bannon, Bannon: The Final Crusade -

Baker, B.J.: Pete on Ice -

Bakh, Val: In the Cold -

Barber, E. K.: The Phoenix and the Shield: Book One: The Case of the Hidden Truth and Flight into Fate and Flight into Destiny and The Phoenix Rising: The Case of the Blue Empress and Flight into Terror and Flight into Danger -

Barber, Gertie M.: The Buck Stops Here - Bullets, Broadheads, Whitetails and Me -

Barbosa, April: Shy's Sorrow and Words of a Tortured Soul -

Bardas, Theodore: Learning About the Reality of God -

Barger, Charity: A Tendency Towards Love -

Barker, Richard A.: Misplaced Faith and Horses's Hoofs -

Barker, Sondra: Litter Boxes Aren't Just for Cats: A Guide on How to Successfully Litter Box Train Your Puppy or Small Breed Dog -

Barnes, Arch: Unconscious and Old Dogs New Tricks -

Barnes, Charlotte: Stella Ducktropolis -

Barone, Ryan: Steamboating -

Barreras, Alila: Dreams and Melancholies -

Barrie, Patrice L.: Dancing in Thorns -

Barrimond, CJ: Better Said Now Than Never Said at All! -

Barrow, Richard: Wilmer Hall -

Barry, Jacqueline: Before It Had a Name -

Barry, Stephanie R.: Still Standing Through the Storms -

Bartlett, Lisa Candelaria: Train Tales -

Basal, Patricia: Sammy Discovers Jesus -

Basham, Frank James: Bucket of Strangers -

Bass, Brad: Ehlron: World of Magic -

Bastas, Sideris: Teens and Technology -

Bateman, Alice C.: Twenty Fifty-Five -

Bates, Billie Rae: Rubi -

Bates, George W, Jr.: Misery Loves -

Battles, Lee: Capsules in Time -

Bauer, Dennis: Lawnflowers: A Story and a List of Names -

Bavota, Michael F.: Seafood Lover's Bible and Spirit of the Everglades and A Lesson I'll Never Forget/Short Stories -

Baxter, Debi: Dancing Alone and Shadows in the Dance -

Baxter, William: Notes from My Head -

Bayles, Adora Mitchell: Golden Siblings: A Novel -

Beard, Eric: The Presence of Influence -


Beard, Jimmy: Colson Creek -

Beardslee, Nellie L.: The Old Farm House and The Glenn's of Newberry Hills -

Beasley, Mack: False Justice and Delayed Justice -

Beattie, Daniel Thomas: You Can Sing if You Can Talk -

Beatty, Rosena: A Trip Worth Taking, All That I Am, In a Gray Velvet Box, Miracle Hill, and Say Hello to God for Me -

Beauchamp, Dr. Larry E.: Put On The Whole Armor of God -

Beaver, Loretta: Passionate Alliance -

Beaverson, Alex A.: This Walk With Christ: A book about Christianity and how to start at a young age. Foreword by Kelly Carnahan - and

Bechard, Clem: Mrs. Robinson Finds a Home -

Becher, James M.: Of Such is the Kingdom: A Novel of Biblical Times and Impossible Journey -

Bechler, Brad: When Will the Sky Fall? Hurricane Katrina, a Documentary in Poetry -

Beck, Gina: The Secret Barn Door -

Beck, Kelly: Starshine Sea: Book One: Map to Draco -

Beck, R D: Retail, a Second Set of Eyes -

Beckham, Marie: Tears of Sadness, Coping with Postpartum Depression -

Belcher, David: Adam's Burden -

Belias, Elena: Life's Unexpected Ways -

Bell, Sheila Mansfield: Brain-Dead, No Chance of Recovery -

Benedict, T. Russell: Pawns: A Taste of Power and Queens: The Love of Power and Kings: The Price of Power -

Bennett, Katherine: The Naked Soul: A Novel -

Bennett, Robert P.: Blind Traveler Down a Dark River -

Benor, Roberta Schultz: How to Succeed in Parenting: 120 Ways to Have a Great Family -

Benston, Rebecca: Keeping the Faith: The Rona Shively Stories -

Bentley, Dr. Sarah: Planning to Conceive -

Benton, Phyllis: Living Nightmares of Abuse -

Benton, W. R.: In the Shadow of the Mountain -

Benton, W.R.: In the Shadow of the Mountain -

Benston, Rebecca: Under Lock and Key: The Rona Shively Stories and In the Wash: The Rona Shively Stories - Berg, Jesse M.: Rich Mind, Poor Mind: Finding Emotional Freedom -

Berger, Ronald, Jr.: The House That Ron Built and Are You Being Served Yet?: Customer Service Evolution -

Bergeron, Lowell J.: Spirit of Jenny and the last inning: a story of baseball, tragedy, and triumph and The New Kid -

Berman, Adam: A Year for Dad: Experiencing 1st Century Faith in the 21st Century -

Bernett, Daniella: Timeless Allure and Silken Reflections -

Beth, Laura: 2 Girls, 2 Cats: A Magical Mystery -

Betts, Jarrett: Behind These Eyes: Whooptoly Chronicles Book One -

Beuchler, C. W.: Atlantis Rising and Earth Union Academy and Harbinger -

Bialys, Michael: The Chronicles of the Virago: Book 1 The Novus - Biamonte, Valerie: Two Dogs and a Tale -

Biasotto, Virginia: Educating Andrew: A Promise Fulfilled -

Bickel, Virginia: All Aboard, Destination Unknown and Come September -

Bickhem, Melody A. Marion: Bonding Before Birth and Beyond -

Biller, S. Z.: Dale Trotter: Man From Muskogee -

Binns, Tonya: A Hell of a Life -

Bishop, Adie: Rock a Bye -

Bishop, Jordan: Sleeping in on School Days -

Blackburn, J.: The Radio Gypsies -

Blacketer, Robert M.: Wolfe's Burrow -

Blacksmith, Ivan: God-Gebra 101: Discovering the Value of "X" -

Black, Micah: Political Faith -

Blackwood, Dr. Bob: From the Silent Era to The Sopranos: Italian American Gangsters in Trend-Setting Films and Television Shows -

Blain, Stephen L.: Jim's Bahamas Adventure: Small Boats vs. the Devil's Triangle and Put-in-Bay's Island Fever -

Blake, Louisa Middleton: Daydreams, Moonbeams and Wings Over the Common (From the Tale of a Magpie) -

Blake, Misti: A Dangerous Life -

Blanchard, Richard Alvin: Waves of Desire and Night of Desire -

Bland, Ralph: Past Perfect and Where or When -

Blatt, Marvin: April Fool's Day, Global Impact, and Satchel's Secret -

Blaylock, Kathy Lynn: Conceiving Evil and The Adventures Of Buddy Fairy and Friends -

Blazek, Charles E.: Passages -

Blevins, Paula F.: The Way Home: Book I - The For Hymn Mystery Series and Come to Me: Book II - The For Hymn Mystery Series and This I Know: Book III: A For Hymn Mystery -

Blevins, Pearl Pennington: George & Elizabeth -

Blizzard, James: A Touch of Cajun: Louisiana Cooking at Its Best - Block, Joel D.: The Wrong Schwartz -

Boeve, Eunice: Maggie Rose and Sass and A Window to the World and Ride a Shadowed Trail -

Blue, Max: Times - Boggs, Dallas E.: Frontiers of Nutrition: The Prudent Diet -

Boggs, David G.: Crossroads of Seasons and A Regal Heart -

Bohannon, C.S.: Spatula Boy: And the Secret of the Mysterious Old House -

Boland, Cathy: Little Book of Manners for Children and Teens -

Bolden, Reverend C. Nickerson: Bridging the Gulf: Understanding and Ministering to Hip-Hop Youth -

Bolick, Jonathan: Diamonds from Coal and Some Average Poetry and Other Everyday Truths -

Bolton, John B.: Fleet Command's Enigma Ship: The Star Voyager Series and The Epsilon Quadrant: The Star Voyager Series, Vol. 2 and Deception and Guile: The Star Voyager Series, Volume 3 -

Bond, LaDonna N.: Simply Life: A Book of Poetry for Today's Woman -

Bondy, Jim: Friday on the Trail -

Boothe, Joseph W.: Cut the Cloth -

Borne, Brooklen: Being Homeless Is Not an Option -

Bostick, M.T.: Run -

Boston, Francinia: Gansta Livin' -

Boswell, Chace: The Awakened -

Both, Charles: The Hauntings of Morning Point -

Both-Kim, Dawn: The Hauntings of Morning Point -

Botham, F. T.: Mary Lamb Enters the World of Maze -

Botelho, Tomma Rae: Diva on My Doorstep -

Bouchard, Lynne: Through the Stained Glass Window -

Boucher, Charles R.: Turnstiles -

Boudrot, Jeff: Walk Below Me: A Story of Belief -

Bousquet, Cheryl: Reconnection with Love -

Bovell, Hyacinth P.: Memories, Messages and Musings and From God's Heart to Yours -

Bovill, Regina: Stronger Than Kryptonite: One Woman's Triumph Over Crack Cocaine -

Bowersock, Melissa: Queen's Gold -

Bowling, John D.: Golf's Ultimate Hazard: The Fatal Drive -

Bowser, Candace: Origins: Blood in the Sand -

Bowyer, Jane: Beneath Your Watchful Eyes and Fermenting Anger -

Boyd, Karl: Signs of Our Times -

Boyd, Veronica R.: Aswald's ABC Adventure -

Bradley, Jeannie: Destined To Be A Survivor -

Bradley, KT: I Remember, the Lost Princess -

Bradley, Mark C.: Writing Poems in the Rain -

Bradley, Tiffiney Rochelle: Shine and Inspirations -

Brambles, Lindsay: In Darkness Bound -

Brancaccio, Frank: Ephemeral Nights -

Brandon, William M, III: A Selfish Man -

Brandt, John Paul: Target America: An Attack on Tyranny -

Brannon, Pat: Filthy Farley O'Charlie McBarley -

Branson-Trent, Gregory: Ghosts, Hauntings and the Dark Side of the Cemetery -

Brawner, Daniel Macon: The Ridge -

Bray, Diane E. B.: First Generation: The Story of Annie -

Brayton, Wanda Lea: Swanee Sighs -

Breaux, Chrissy: Angel Wings for Jenny -

Brenner, Josh: Offenders and Abuse: An Awareness Guide to Shielding the Community -

Brenwalt, E.S.: Path of a Hero -

Brewer, Saundra Strong: Released into God's Hands -

Bridges, Kimberly: Death Equity -

Briggins, Marcia Shantel Kiara: Life's Emotions and Drama -

Brinkman, Monica: Into the Tunnel of Darkness -

Brock, Sandra: The One True King -

Brogan, LeAnne: Inside Amy: A Mother's Eating Disorder - Brollier, David: The 3rd Covenant -

Bronevetsky, Greg, Semyon and Yelena: It is Not Too Late -

Brooke, S.: The Diamond Traitors and The Shadow Diamond and The Ghost Diamond -

Bross, Donald: Lorencito Canyon -

Brotherton, Velda: Fly with the Mourning Dove -

Brown, A.M.: Mystical Happenings -

Brown, Angela R.: Awakening Women -

Brown, B.J. "Lyrkal": Diary of an Affair -

Brown, Benjamin Calvin: Born to Lose, Destined to Fail, Bound for the Floor: The Autobiography of John Doe -

Brown, C.E.: Ulterior Motives -

Brown, D.D.: A Last Measure of Innocence -

Brown, Joyce Finch: Southern Comfort -

Brown, Kevin K.: Bartlesville: A Chronicle of the Grays -

Brown, Nadia: Unscrambled Eggs -

Brown, Roberta Simpson: Strains of Music and Lamplight Tales -

Brown, Ron: Guilty 'Til Forgiven and The First Kingdom War and Redemption War and The Final Kingdom War and A Misfit's Vision -

Brown, Shannon: Naughty Girl Needs to Know -

Brown, Shelly: Diamonds in the Rough -

Brown, Shenandoah: Lamp Unto My Feet -

Brown, Stan: The Tale of Two Rivers: Pioneer Settlement in Arizona -

Brown, Sue: Spirit Unbroken -

Broyles, Dave: Death Rides a Paint Horse and Miracle at Tombstone -

Brummet, Dave and Lillian: Trash Talk: An inspirational guide to saving time and money through better waste and resource management and Towards Understanding -

Brundell, Edmund: The Stress Response: How Our Natural Protective System Can Harm Us and Think Safe—Stay Safe: Secrets to Increasing Situational Awareness for You and Your Children -

Brunner, Celeste W.: Supernatural Surprises -

Brunner, Jim: The Case of the White Tiger -

Bruun, Annabel: Update of the Game Makers -

Bryant, Louis W, III: Unclassifiable: Entries from Entities -

Bryant, Melvina: Persuasions of Love -

Bryon, Lewis: Process of Praise -

Byrd, Melissa: Ravenclaw Detective Agency:

Bubis, Perry R, M.D.: Wish I Knew That: All You Need to Know About Veins Before You See Your Doctor -

Buck, Gary D.: Windows of the Heart -

Buckholz, Bob: White House Deception and Aubrey's Innocence and Chased into Reality -

Buckingham, J.S.: The View from a One-Man World -

Buckley, Rebecca Randolph: Midnight at Trafalgar Square -

Budhooram, Kirk: The Ibis Agents -

Budic, Hannah Purdy: Ebenezer Flea and the Right Thing to Do -

Brumpton, Terence EDW: Life of the Rock Star -

Bunbury, Elaine E.: What Hope Have You! -

Bunn-Schultz, Kathy: Riley's Gift and The Convent and the Rose -

Burdette, Larry: Old Dominion: A Story of War in Colonial Virginia -

Burgess, Erick D.: Under Abnormal Conditions: A Michael Drake Mystery -

Burke, Anjalena: Ghost: The Dead End Series Book 1-

Burke, Hope Laraine: Blood Times Two (BX2) -

Burke, Michael: Spiritual Basics 101 -

Burkum, Rachel: A Test of Courage and At the Heart of Truth and Silent Ride -

Burman, Howard: A Man Called Shoeless and Willie, Mickey & The Duke -

Burrus, A. Embry: Mama & Margaret -

Burst, Judy Garland: Og's Great Adventure -

Burton, Dr. Heather E.: The Crimson Experience -

Burton, Kevin Doy: Emanon -

Burton, Ludima Gus: A Surgeon's Miracle -

Bush, Chastity: Guarding Temptation -

Bush, Michael: Down the Mountain -

Busch, Darcy J.: The Adventures of Lily -

Busche, Rita J.: Overcoming the Thin Obsession -

Butler, Andy: New House 5: How a dorm becomes a home -

Butler, Shelby: The Tattooed Stranger -

Butler, William: I Remember Tomorrow -

Byers, R.M.: Death Winds -

Byfield, Beverly: Hair Today! Gone Tomorrow! and Nature's Light -

Byrd, David Lee: Life Seeds and Living a Spiritual Life: On the Wings of Eagles -

Byrd, Michael: Blood Chains -

Byrne, Robert: Night-Swimming and Smile and Mulligan's Pennies -

Cahill, Kevin H.: That Golden Prairie Whale -

Cail, Carol: Cupid's Ghost -

Cain, Carol Riley: Ghosts, Spooks, and Spirits of South Texas and Spooky Stories from the Lone Star State -

Cain, Donna: The Bible Code in the Plain Text -

Cain, Lucy A.: All Glory Is His!: Christian Inspirational Poetry -

Caldwell, D.K.: Beneath the Waves of Altos and Revenge of the Androids and Gamaone -

Caldwell, Wes: Tales to Chill Your Blood -

Cales, Robert C.: Devil Glass -

Calhoun, Marie: Rainbow Reflections -

Calvetti, Catherine Marie: Rejected to Accepted -

Camacho, Celi C.: Bedtime for Meaghan -

Cameron, Lana: The Writings of Tranquil Nights and Apathetic Days -

Camp, Bernice: Forgotten Memories -

Campbell, H.D.: Late Murder @ 10 and How to Lose a Black Woman -

Campbell, Robert: Alangalang -

Campbell, Shelia: Lemon Days and Strawberry Nights -

Campbell, Suzy: My Daddy Is a Soldier and The Hidden Graveyard -

Campion, Joan: Jerusalem Journal: Adventures in a Desert Landscape -

Campo, Miriam Alam: Sirens of the Heart -

Campos, Agata: Taking Power in an Abusive Relationship -

Camps-Komarek, Pierette Lili: Grandmère's Awesome Family Cookbook and Le Café de Cadix -

Camvan, Somsy: Blanket Coffin -

Cannon-Jones, Rhonda: Single, Sexless & Childless: When Does the Bough Break for Marriage, Children & A Sex Life? and A Sip of Poetry for Coffee Lovers & Drinkers Alike: Sharing Coffee, Poetry, Love Letters, Stories & Snapshots of Life -

Cantrall, Thomas D. "Thom": Ghosts of Ruby Ridge -

Capen, Alice J.: The Secret Adventures of John, Paul, George and Ringo -

Caramagno, Thomas C, Ph.D.: Irreconcilable Differences?: Intellectual Stalemate in the Gay Rights Debate: A panoramic, non-partisan textbook on religious, scientific, and political issues -

Caravella, Jon Michael: McNiff and Me, Having Fun in the Sun -

Cardona, Antonio: Inspirational Christian Spiritual Living -

Carezani, Richard L.: Four Galaxies in Peace -

Cariens, David: A Question of Accountability: The Murder of Angela Dales -

Carlisle, John Wright: Hot Flashes Are Contagious: A Man's Guide to Middle Age -

Carlson, Bonnie: Time for Reflection and Healing -

Carlton, Richard Keith: Candles in the Darkness and Bare Trees -

Carmel, Todd J.: Quando Fatalis Conflicto: (When Destinies Collide) -

Carney, Audrey McDonald: Holding on to Faith, Hope after Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss -

Caron, Bryan: Jaxxa Rakala: The Search -

Caron, J.R.: Surviving 2012 and Beyond: (living without society) -

Carpenter, John J.: A Well Regulated Militia -

Carr, H. Michael: Before Adam: The Biblical Origins of Mankind -

Carr, Jason: Faith and the Christian Life -

Carrington, Caitlyn: Realm of Hope -

Carrion, Spring: My Punishment -

Carroll, D.L.: West Coast Lady and Sir Licksalot & The Maverick Fools -

Carroll, Emily Jean: A Place to Love and It's a Mystery: Tales of Intrigue -

Carroll, George J.: A Kaleidoscope Of Poetry -

Carron, Pamela: Whisper of the Sun -

Carruth, Jim: Rosa's Revenge -

Carson, Simone: The Aesthetics of Something Tangible -

Carson, Ute: Colt Tailing and In Transit -

Cartelli, Kerri: What a Difference a Day Makes: A Survival Guide for Women -

Carter, Bendy: Dying to Crochet -

Carter, Brandon: My World - Painted Colorful -

Carter, Susan L.: The Grove -

Carter, Thad H.: Download Faith, Not Fear and Looking for Help? You're Not Alone and Rainfall at the Charleston Hotel and Peeking over the Edge -

Carter, Tigria: Ashley Terrace Murder -

Carucci, Robert C.: Tattooed Soul…: Confessions & Crazy Thoughts from a Not so Random White Guy and Masks of My Reality...The Return of The Tattooed Soul and Ace Up My Sleeve: A Tattooed Soul Collection of Contemporary Poetry -

Caruth, Shirley: From Dyan to Trouble -

Carver-Owens, Debora: Poems to the Lord Notebook -

Casebeer, Shannon: Obie's Quest -

Cash, Beverly: Manhattan Rendezvous -

Cash, Carol: Jailhouse Religion The Untold Story and Jump! Joe, Jump!! -

Cassiday, Bryan: Fete of Death - Cassone, Saiba: Music Within and Inspiring Journey -

Castellano, Mirella: Dance Shoes, Dreams & Lattes -

Castle, N.E.: Serial -

Cater, Mark: The Black Dice -

Catherall, Paul: Foibles, Frolics and Phantasms: Illustrated Poems (1995-2005) -

Casselberry, Karen: Until the Sun Comes Up -

Caudill, Heather: Eternity, My Love and Eternity's Deception-

Caudle, Carol L.: Roe's Decisions: The Lost Soul of John Bennett -

Cauley, Robert J.: Unseen Forces -

Cecil, Karen: Where's Your Faith? -

Celaya, Adam: Earth, the New Frontier -

Celtic Lady, Rosemary the: Miracles from the Light -

Cernik, Leonard G.: Cosmic Eliminator: The Quest -

Cerullo, Dr. Claudio V.: Teaching Anti-Bullying -

Chaddick, Debby: A Spirituality of Hope: My Journey Through Pain and Grief -

Chadwick, D.A.: Music From the Soul: The Singing Nun Story -

Chamberlain, Letha C.: Wait, Beloved, for Darkness's Gift and Run Straight TO Greatest Mystery -

Chapman, Naomi: Secret Past and The Digby Lake Killer and Wallet of Death and Bathroom Strangler -

Chase, Peter: Saved, Sanctified, and Singled Out! -

Chastain, Nellotie Porter: Refuge in Emptiness and Persimmon Capital Murders -

Chastain, Norman C.: After the Game -

Chavez, Olivetta: One Magical Summer -

Cheek, J. Charles: Stay Safe Buddy: A Story of Humor and Horror during the Korean War -

Cheney, Glenn Alan: Passion in an Improper Place and Frankenstein on the Cusp of Something -

Cheuk-A-Lam, Dwight: A Mind Filled with Stories: The First Collection -

Chikuhwa, Jacob: A Cheer for Sanity and A Thought for the Day -

Chillemi, Stacey: Faith, Courage, Wisdom, Strength and Hope: Inspirational Poetry That Comes from the Heart and Eternal Love: Romantic Poetry Straight from the Heart -

Chilson, A.J.: A.J. Chilson: A Poet in Transition -

Chinnery, Karen: Secret Agent Squirrel -

Chipman, Laura: Dragon Speaker -

Choplick, Janet: Small Town Chronicle:Sarah's Return -

Christi, D. K.: Arirang: The Bamboo Connection -

Christle, Tonia M.: Beauty for Ashes and Some Bright Morning-

Christina, Maria: Where the Truth Lies: Poems and Promises -

Christenson, Debra: Hairy Harry -

Chyan, John: Expand Our Spiritual Hearts -

Clapsaddle, Barry: Thoughts and Second Thoughts -

Clarizio, Laura: If I Had a Magic Carpet and If I Had a Magic Carpet II: Key to Kindness and If I Had a Magic Carpet III: Haunted Holidays -

Clark, Brenda: Spiro and Zinger Rescue the Orphans: Spiro the Shooting Star – Book Three, Spiro Goes West: More Adventures of Spiro the Shooting Star, and Spiro, the Shooting Star -

Clark, Denise: 365 Days of Devotion to God -

Clark, Gloria: The Little Candy Breathing Dragons -

Clark, Nancy: Hear His Voice: The True Story of a Modern Day Mystical Encounter With God -

Clarke, Anthony: Baker: Dreams from the Death Age and Baker: Armageddon and Dry Tortugas -

Clarke, Nita: Mint Julep (Day One): As Told to Gracie Buckhalter and The Continuing Saga of the LaPierre Family: Mint Julep (Day Two) as Told to Gracie Buckhalter -

Claude, Sheridan: The Long Walk Home and Across Time, Across Tears -

Clausen, Bob: An Illiterate in the Closet -

Clay, Terence: Wolf's Bane: The Story of Marcus -

Clayton, Joan: A Time for Praise -

Cleaver, Nicole: Death Wish -

Cleveland, Marie: Jason's Giant Dilemma: A Storybook Land Adventure -

Clifford, Mary Louise: Lonesome Road -

Clifton, Rosemary Strouse: Kissing Lots of Frogs: A Long Journey to Love - Clincy, Carmelia: Three Hots and a Cot -

Cline, AJ: Big Blue Sky Big Ocean -

Cobb, Shirley Faye: Mending the Hole in My Soul through Poetry: A Collection of Poems -

Cobbs, Charlene R.: Talking from Experience -

Coffill, Duane E.: Cursed Darkness -

Colabufo, Santo J.: It's All Just an Act -

Cole, Allan: Dying Good and Drowned Hopes and Freedom Bird and The Wars of the Shannons -

Colee, C.C.: RB: The Enchantress and RB: The Game and Sweet Christine and Flashes of Someone Else and RB: The Widow Maker and Casey's Soul -

Colella, Judy: The MacDara Chronicles: Overcomer -

Coleman, Antoine: My Journey to Deliverance: Through Grace and Mercy from God -

Coleman, Rhonda: God's Words Thru a Friend -

Cole, Molly: Miss Wibbs and Joe and His Strong Purr -

Coles, Marsha: Texas Justice -

Colin, Gary: Bible Symbolism: What it Means to Your Salvation -

Collier, Marilyn: Gather the Children -

Collier, Talina L.: Jacob and the Orange, Jacob and the Turtle Race, and Life's Poetry - &

Collins, Bill: Shifting to Make Your Dreams Come True -

Collins, Bruce D.: The Big Schwag's Positive Self Help Guide: For Complete Losers Like Yourself! -

Collins, KL: Pipe Dream -

Collins, Sherry Epps: The Preacher's Secret and Down At The Altar -

Collins, Tina Rae: When Angels Cry and The Melting Pot - Colmes, Doris: The Iron Butterfly, A Trip Through the Twentieth Century -

Comstock, Lisa J.: The BrimTier Chronicles, Part 1, Life of a BrimTier Pirate -

Condenzio, John: Transcendent Bread: 1976-1986 -

Condi, Dr. Kris, Ph.D.: and Fakin' It -

Conley, Timothy: Avalonian Tales and The Curse of Indian Gold -

Conlon, Dorothy S.: At Home in the World: Memoirs of a Traveling Woman -

Conlon, Earl: And the Trucks Quit Running -

Conners, Beatrice: The VeryVery Enchanted Kingdom -

Conyers, Amaya: Eldhin Island: The Beginning -

Cook, Jeremy: The Illusion Stick -

Cook, Karin Ficke: Northwoods Forest Mystery and Death Across the Pond and The 'Ghost' in Bolton Hall -

Cooke, James: Pandora's Jar -

Cooper, Arley E.: In Search of Free Land -

Cooper, C.B.: The Riddle of Common Sense -

Cooper, McKinley, Jr.: Promises of Tomorrow, Volume I: Inspirational Poems and Devotional Thoughts and Living with the Truth -

Coppinger, Kelli: My Husband, Our Hero -

Coppola, Barbara Lee: Watch the Sky -

Corbett, Kokeyna L.: Seeking Serenity -

Corbitt, Pat: D.S.E.V. -

Corby, Elmer S.: America is God's Country -

Corday, Rachel: The Benningdon Crank Nervous Hospital and The Summertime of Baily Lowell -

Corey, Nick and Jackie Colligan: The Many Messages: Hear Them Speak -

Corkish, Alan: Groups -

Corn, Jim: The Moleman's Tale -

Cortez, Bo James: Sanders' Experiment -

Cosline, Liz: Notice for Arrival and One Voice and Unexpected Knowing -

Costin, Rea-Silvia: Pearls on a String: Love Songs -

Costley, Lewis: Fire Watch -

Cottrell, Maggie: The Torrid Zone -

Couch, Ron: The Legacy Solution -

Court, Georgia M.: Traitor of Bled -

Covelli, Nicholas P.: The Logician's Handbook -

Cowan, Tina Elizabeth: Fourteen to Twenty-One: A Collection of Poems Written During Those Years of My Life -

Cowart, John L.: Zipporah's Song -

Cowhey, Sharon: Shy Harold and His Hiding Place, Going Through The Motions: Coping With Autism, and Going Through the Motions: Coping With Autism 2 -

Cowsert, Sami: Tammi and Her Dragon -

Cox, S.M.: In Ten Years' Time -

Coyote, David: Roomful of Rainbows -

Crabtree, Louise: Sit Down and Shut Up: An Educator's Memoir -

Craig, Larry A.: The Importance of Healing -

Craig, Loretta: The Controller -

Craig, Tonya Angel: Eyes of Change -

Crandall, Patricia: The Dog Men -

Crandell, Ed: West World and Return to West World -

Crawford, Regina: Little Guardians: Saving Guardian Meadow -

Creed, Wayne: Sixes -

Crevar, Danijela: Where Your Mind Goes, the Body Will Follow - Crockett, Jean: To Love a Scoundrel -

Crompton, Paul Wieldon: Remarkable for Short -

Crockett, Jean: MAXIM -

Crone, Alla: MAXIM -

Crooker, Alice: Peas, "Pills," & Parkinson's -

Crossing, Joan: Jezebel's Wings: One Woman's Misguided Lessons to Womanhood -

Crow, Richard Lee: Ashes of Destiny - Crowe, Debra M.: A Memory To Die For -

Crowley, Caitlin: Whitewere -

Cruz, Lou: The Road to Pichilinque -

Cruz, Nancy: On the Brink of Risk -

Cundiff, Hope: An Angel Took My Hand: The Life and Death of Innocence -

Curry, Charles F, Jr.: Not Quite a Centenarian -

Curry, Dan: Under Fire from Afar -

Curtis, Colleen: Silly Spider Sue Moves to the Zoo -

Curtiss, J.G.: The Journal of Lance Sterling -

Custer, Henry: Concept of Justice and Bizarre Justice and Dirt Floor -

Cutler, Stephen: Rally Caps -

Cutpurse, Molly: A Life Lived and The Last Winter -

Knowles, Tononiya: Claiming What's Mine -

Daboetry: The Chronicles of Daboetry -

Dabrowski, Duane: The Motivated Christian: In Search of the Right Church -

Dail, Marija M.: Pixletown - the World Found -

D'Alessio, Rita: The Unforgettable Struggle -

Dabbs, Stan: Devils Behind Houses -

Daley, Jack: Sunday Mornings -

Daley-Prado, MJ: Borrowed Time -

Dalton, Terry L.: Does God Advocate "The Secret"? -

Daly, Helen: Expressions From My Heart -

Damien, Jessica: Trust in Love -

Danali, Diana: Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault, Death -

Dancer, Brie: Expanding Souls Convey: Poetry and Prose -

Danielson, S. L.: For the Heart of Phillip and Love by the Numbers -

Darrow, Ashley: Beneath Minuela's Bed -

Das, Asish Kumar: Luster of Eternity: Boon to Mankind -

Datta, Farzana: The Moghul Exile and The Moghul Hedonist and Glorious Taj and Beloved Immortal -

Dauer, Marty: Harvey's Woods: The Royal Adventures -

Davenport, Chari: The Birthday Party: Family Reunions Can Be Murder! and The Office Party and The Christmas Party -

Davenport, CJ: Facts and Opinions -

Davenport, George Timothy: Calling of the Schen Re: Book #1 in the War of the Magi -

Davidson, Arden: Playing Hopscotch on a Rubber Roof -

Davidson, Gary: Haggaroth's Curse: The Final Sunset -

Davidson, Mary: Fiddle Me a Riddle and Bring Me the Moon -

Davies, Barry Lee: The Mule and Chasing the Truth -

Davis, Cecelia: Heaven's Mission and Heaven's Mission for a New Generation and Love Turns Lethal: Heaven Prevails - Davis, Clayton: Amelia, Jet Pilot and Medical Miracle in Maryland -

Davis, Frank: The 835: Finding my Family -

Davis, George: Arizona Son Rise -

Davis, Glenda: Force Recon: Eagle - Davis, J.E.: Shadowed by Darkness -

Davis, Jeanette: The Last Time I Remember Being Happy -

Davis, Melissa: Denny the Duck -

Davis, Michael R.: Before the Falling Dark -

Davis, Sandra: You Have Problems? Listen to God's Guidance -

Davis, Timothy G.: Copper Penny  -

Davis, W. Parks: Big Stripes to Freedom - Davy, Patrick A.: The Will to Win -

Davison, Kevin: Dark Athyx -

Dawn, Crystal: Beautifully Torn -

Dawson, Gloriann: One Daughter's Story -

De Fratis, Eric A.: Shadows of Patriotism -

De Kock, Daniel: It's Time to Walk on Water -

De La Gandara, Rev. Maria: Treasure of Poetry -

de Leon, Phillip: Will Your Home Be Heaven or Hell? -

Dean, Adam M.: The Gate of Heavenly Peace . . . And Other Stories -

DeBellis, Aaron: A Bee's C's -

Decker, K.: Restless Spirit -

Deden, Sandra: Jan's Houseboat Hideaway: A Boy Grows Up in Occupied Holland -

Dee, Dianne: Fatal Friendship -

Deezy, Ro: What Else Did You Think I Would Say?: Poems About Politics, Passion, Resistance and Love -

DeFilippo, R.J.: On the Ninth Day -

DeGraw, Barbara: The Thirteen Secrets -

De Lailhacar, Christine: Salt Prints -

Delaney, H. G.: Stop the Church: I Want to Get Off -

Delgado, Jack: Crooked: A Tone Reverberating in the Spectrum of Discernment and The Trail to Golgotha -

DeLoach, Karen: Musings, Meditations, and Memories of One Slightly Dysfunctional American Family -

Demond, Carlos: Mental Consciousness -

DeMonte, Joe: Lucy and the Magic Factory and Melanie's Magic Stones -

Denbow, Carol: Stress Relief for the Working Stiff: How to Reverse the Embalming Effect -

Dennis, Julie: NyteBeauti -

Dennis, M.: Dream Paladin -

Denton, Aishia: Dangerously in Love -

Denton, Kiwi: Freddie's Magical Glasses -

Derksen, Stacey: Ancestors -

Deschamps, T. M.: The Puppet Triangle and Steps to Justice -

Despeignes, Rose A.: Rosewyld Dirty Laundry -

DesRochers, Diane O.: A Matter of Time -

Detetcheverrie, E D: Lighthearted Darkness -

Devor, Pamela J.: The Troll Door, The Trunk & The Compass -

Dhillon, Dr. Sukhraj S.: Science, Religion, & Spirituality and Art of Stress-free Living: Eastern and Western Approach -

Di Fiore, Ovid: Melbourne to Manila -

Di Martino, Guerino: Falling in Love at Trevi: Till Death Did Us Part -

Diamond, Patricia Gray: If These Walls Could Talk -

Diaz, Melissa: Bree -

Dickerson, William E.: Thoughts, Notions and Devotions -

Dickey, JK: Fantasy Love and More -

Dickinson, Ganga Ma: Mirabai: The Autobiography of an Ashram Feline -

Dickman, Jacqueline: God's Little Lake:Max and Me, Our Cancer Walk: God's Miracles and the Power of Prayer, and Rebecca and Mom: Friends Forever -

Dieter, J.: Presidio Heights: Diary of a Naval Wife and Westgate Heights: Diary of a Divorcee and First Comes Murder -

Dietz, Deb: The Passion Runs Through It -

Dillard, Jason: Murder on the Trail -

Dillard, John: Overcoming Life's 9/11's: Job's Journey and Charleston Dawn and A Voice of One: Nehemiah's Prayer: The Inspiration Series -

Dillon, Noah: A Narcoleptic in the U.S. Army -

DiPietro, Suze: Between Keys -

Dippon, Rhonda: I Met a Witch: Battling Evil with Holy Spirit Power -

DiPrinzio, Daniel: New U -

Disbrow, Corlyss Morrel: Sensimilla -

Divine, Jill: Anjoy-God's Gifts and The Bears -

Divine, Syra: Syra's Scribbles -

Dixon, John T, Jr.: Mommy, What is a POW/MIA? -

Dobbs, H. Jonathan: Scorpian Man Cometh -

Dockery, Lawrence L.: Everything & Anything in Between: Embracing Delusions and Misplaced Kicks & Remembering the Girl -

Dodd, Melissa: Twisted Branches and Whosoever Will and Santa Sheds -

Dodson, Merille: Kids from Critter Cove -

DöFray, R.: Circle of Fire -

Doiron, Richard: StraightWalk -

Doll, BilliJo: The Marauders and Alisa and Leah's Amtrak Vacation and The Seekers  -

Domowski, Patience Elizabeth: Christiana and Alec: Traveling with Children -

Donaldson, Catherine R.: The Captains Marshall: A Promise of Freedom and Radiance and Shadows and Fading Seas, Finding Home -

Dondiego, Ronald: The Possessed -

Dorociak, Rick: When God Answered: Poems of Faith and Possibilities and Reclaiming God: 10 Commitments to Living a Full Life: A Personal Journey -

Dotson, Jacob: React and Rise Up -

Doty, Linda: In Search of the Robin and The Christmas Doll and Hydrangea Hill: A New Home for Amy Manchester -

Dougé, Jackqueline, MD, MPH, FAAP: My Healthy Family -

Doughty, E.L.: Perils of a Housewife -

Douglas, Eric: Guardian's Keep -

Douglas, Kathleen H.: Johnny the Unaware Angel -

Dourney, Jerry W.: From Memory to Legend -

Douthitt, Robert Lee, III: Rock Bottom: The Life History of Robert Lee Douthitt, III -

Dowd, Helen: If You Only Knew -

Downer, Craig Carpenter: Streams of the Soul -

Downs, Tamara Leigh: Love & Loyalty: Not Just Anotha' Hood Love Story -

Doy, Dr. Robert: A Doctor's Odyssey -

Doyle, Gregory Allen: God Is Not an Option and The Stinging Salve: A Hearty Concoction of Essays, Short Stories, Songs, Poems, and Thoughts -


Drake, R.C.: The Warriors Dragon: The Gift -

Dravis, Lee: Key Monster, A Novel of Key West -

Drennen, Richard A.: The Sentinel of Fate -

Dressel, Mary J.: Visions of Enchantment and Enchantment's Embrace -

Dresser, Tascha: Coming Out of the Closet and Breaking the Chains: (Poetic Views from the Other Side of a Special Education Classroom) -

Drolet, Carol James: My White Cocoon -

Dudenkov, Olya: In the Search of Pure Truth which Brings Freedom! -

Dulle, Peggy: Apple Pots and Funeral Plots -

Duhart, Mary Ann: Healing Through Poetry -

Duncan, Jairus: Reparations and Fear Embraced -

Duncan, William Garrel: Around the Masters Table -

Dunican , V Jordan: Poems and Prose to Keep By Your Casket... A Coffin Table Book -

Dunigan, Bill: Reviving the Dead Church by Reminiscing the Day of Pentecost -

Dunn, Charley: Walk With Me Through Alaska -

Dunn, E. Robert: Echelon's End 4: Perils of the Gulf -

Dunne, Jake: Johnstone Junction -

Dunshee, Clint: Dark Autumn -

Dupont, Roberta: By Golly, Molly, You're Right and Matt and the Wonder of Wishes -

Dupree, TJ: Conversations With Mom and Memorable Parenting Moments: Conversations with Family: Volume II -

Durbin, Ronald J.: Evil Lies Behind Watchful Eyes -

Durham, Erin: A Cross in His Pocket: The Spiritual Journey of a Teenage Boy from Life into Eternal Life with the Lord Jesus Christ -

Durham-Barnes, Rita Dail: Living the Current: A Memoir of a 25-Year Career in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice from 1983–2008 -

Dutton, LV: Shannon's Heart -

Dwiggins, Jeff: The Treasure Fortress -

Dyer, Kurt, Jr.: The Time Keeper -

Dykes, Michael: The Bells of Requiem: Mage of the Ruined City -

Eagleson, Mori A.: The Rescue of Christopher Wilkinson and The Search for Terrann Wilkinson -

Eakle, Janice & Tayah: 3 A's and 3 B's All the Way to Z -

Eardley, Michael: Letter from Poitou  -

Eaton, Hattie: Serving up the Soul at the Kitchen Table -

Edlebeck, C.M.: No One Will Believe Me -

Edmunds, Catherine: Wormwood, Earth and Honey: Selected Poems by Catherine Edmunds -

Edwards, G. Thomas: A Tail of Two Orca -

Edwards, S. Neil: My Dog, Digger -

Edwards, Iyasha: -

Ehin, Charles: Aftermath -

Ehrlich, Harryet: Resurrection and Redemption: A Story of Hope & Recovery -

Eichstedt, Christina and Judy Ann: Weary Souls, Shattered by Life and Whispers of Truth -

Eibert, Mark: Vigilance and Terroism -

Ekunwe, Ebun: Choose Victory: Overcoming Life's Unfairness and Injustices -

Eldridge, Tori M.: Empowered Living: A Guide to Physical and Emotional Protection -

Ellery, Terrence T.: P.K.'s Betrayal (Party King's Betrayal) -

Elliott, Debra Ann: Life Through the Rearview Mirror -

Elliott, John Foster: Directions in Life for the Occasionally Confused -

Elliott, Kristy: Eldhin Island: The Beginning -

Ellis, Bill: Leading Voices -

Ellis, James III: OnThaGrindCuzin: The School Daze of Being 'Incognegro' in 1619 -

Ellis, Sean: Magic Mirror -

Elmore, Melinda: Native Dreams -

ElvenWolf: Binding Magic -

Elwick, Anne: We Don't Say Goodbye -

Enderlin, Darlene: Pathways of Hermie -

Endsley, Martha: Karen's Unquenchable Passion for Adventure -

Engineer, Faud S.: One Man's Dream -

Erickson, David L.: Mankind's Worst Fear -

Erotokritou, Maggie: Seeds of Transformation: A 52-Step Journey Towards Enlightenment -

Erskine, Kathryn: Ibhubesi: The Lion -

Ervin, C.M.: Partners for Life -

Ervin, Sharon: Murder Aboard The Choctaw Gambler -

Eschler, Linda: The Strawberry Fairies Save Sandcastle Island and The Strawberry Fairies and the Secret of Mystery Island -

Eskeldson, Anne: Ashi's Gift -

Espinoza, Penny: Sophi's Shoe Fetish: Life, Love and the Pursuit of Femmetastic Shoes -

Esquivel, Rene James Bosworth: Living Poems -

Estabrook, Erik: Eternal Garden and A Heart Cast in Verse -

Estes, Kenny: Electrode Masks -

Estes, Maggie E.: Midnight Moments, Midnight Memories and Easy on My Heart: The Midnight Poetry of Maggie E. Estes -

Eubanks, M.R.: The Revolving Door -

Evanovich, David: Missing Mom (Her Journey to Heaven) -

Evans, Angela: The Love Thief -

Evans, Annette: I Will Always Love You and Until I Met You -

Evans, Jennifer: A Veil of Ignorance -

Evans, Rhonda Boone: Johnny Lumpkin Wants a Friend -

Eve: Something Beautiful -

Everist, Alexandra: A Katrina Moment -

Evolution, Poetic: Underneath It All: A Collection of Poetry from the Depths of My Soul and Souletry: Where the Soul & Poetry Collides -

Eystad, Janet Lynn: What's Inside? and What I Got Into Last Summer -